Fiona Cooke - A helpful guide to a happy baby
Fiona Cooke- Author What Would Fiona Do?Fiona Cooke- Author What Would Fiona Do?Fiona Cooke- Author What Would Fiona Do?

A Helpful Guide to a Happy Baby:
Practical Wisdom from a Maternity Nurse for Birth to Three Months

The arrival of a new baby is a wonderfully exciting time for any family, but it can also be overwhelming. A Helpful Guide to a Happy Baby makes an experienced maternity nurse's advice available to all new parents.

From practical advice for the first few days to gentle reassurance for the sleepless nights and upheaval of the first few months, this book aims to help parents enjoy their newborn babies and give them all the information they need, just when they need it.

• Step-by-step photographic instructions on bathing, swaddling and more
• Easy-to-follow routines to adapt to different lifestyles
• Week-by-week guides to what to expect
• Practical tips to problem-solve common issues
• A holistic approach to the whole family

A Helpful Guide to a Happy Baby is a fully updated, revised and expanded version of the hugely successful title, What Would Fiona Do?. Fiona initially wrote the book in response to new parents who found themselves asking that very question and wishing that her advice and guidance could continue to be available to them after she'd finished working with their families. It has since gone on to become an invaluable resource in households across the country.

The book is available to order from:
Orphans Publishing


‘Wise, gentle and empowering’ – Olivia Colman

‘A warmly written and hugely helpful book’ – Abi Elphinstone, author of Sky Song 

What the readers have to say

Fiona Cooke Tired Baby
Fiona Cooke Testimonials
Easy informative read
Wish I had this book for my first baby. The first 12 weeks with a newborn is extremely challenging no matter how many times you experience it. It also has a helpful guide on how to prepare for a newborn which I found extremely helpful. I have returned to reference the book several times.
Miss. B. T. Mason
Fiona Cooke Baby Bond
Fiona Cooke Baby Whisperer
A must have for new parents!
I just love how easy this book is to understand! As a maternity professional I am often hesitant to overwhelm new parents with information but this book is the perfect companion to any motherhood journey - informative, practical and essential. Thanks so much, Fiona!
Amazon Customer
Fiona Cooke Testimonial
Fiona Cooke testimonial
Great resource and informative book
Amazing book and guide for nannies new to working with newborns and fabulous resource for first time parents. Written as though Fiona is there right by your side
L M Fluskey