What Would Fiona Do? Help with those early days from birth to three months. The rest will follow

Fiona Cooke Star ratingFiona Cooke Star ratingFiona Cooke Star ratingFiona Cooke Star ratingFiona Cooke Star rating
If you only buy one baby book it should be this one!

I was given it as a gift for Christmas, which was just after my second baby arrived. I wish I had had this book whilst pregnant the first time. It is full of useful down-to-earth advice. I have used the ideas in this book to help me with feeding and sleeping routines. It's the sort of book that you will refer to when you need a bit of support or advice. Don't go onto forums where there are endless differing opinions. Buy this book, you won't regret it.

Anonymous – Amazon customer
I would call Fiona the 'baby whisperer'

The first time I read 'What would Fiona Do' was when I was working as a full-time nanny and started to look after a baby.

This book gave me an insight of what to expect in first few months of baby's life as it covers all the essentials from nappy changing, feeding, breast feeding, daily routine and much more. It helped me to understand baby's first developmental stages and also the importance of supporting mothers. This book will not overwhelm with masses of impractical information and is full of very useful advice and guidance that can be put to use.

What is also great about this book is has been written by an amazing and very experienced maternity nurse, who I would call a 'baby whisperer'.

Fiona understands babies in such a way that she can help families in those first all-important months of baby's life. She put her knowledge and experience in her book to help more families to enjoy parenthood and help childcare providers in gaining more knowledge and better supporting families. Right now I am running my own nanny and housekeeping agency as well as doing childcare and I highly recommend this book to all who are looking or going to look after babies and who are looking for a book they can relate to and go back to for an advice over and over again.

I also recommend it to parents who would ask me for a literature that would be written in simpler and more understandable manner and would not be overloaded in masses of professional language and phrases.

I can't recommend this book enough; it is very easy to read, understand and you can look into it as many times as needed.

Justyna Milewska – Co-founder and Co-owner of Empire Nannies & Housekeepers Agency
The best book I got as a first time mother!

This amazing book was by far the best book I got as a first time mother. The book is easy to read with amazing illustrations and clear instructions. In a new mum's world when everyone is throwing opinions, Fiona guides you and helps you through difficult times just as she would if she were your maternity nurse. Her approach to breast feeding is so well written that even a new father will understand it without a doubt. If you are pregnant or a new mum or know anyone who is going to have a baby do get this book right away!

Vartika Goenka – Parent
A maternity nurse who truly understands newborns which reflects in her work and in this book.

A truly insightful guide for caring for your little ones in those early stages, filled with top tips and sound advice. Well written, a pleasure to read and easy to follow. I would recommend this book to any new mum looking for a common sense, objective read as to how to avoid some of those early pitfalls. Written by a maternity nurse who truly understands newborns which reflects in her work and in this book.

Miss Watson – Maternity Nurse
Happy, calm baby

Fiona’s promise is a calm and happy baby who plays well eats well and sleeps well. This is definitely a good motivation for getting her book in your hands and become well informed and confident.

Ivona K – Parent and Maternity Nurse 
A guide through those early weeks and very useful tips!

This is such a helpful book, written by an experienced maternity nurse. Often new mums are given advice from family and friends and it can be confusing. Please buy this book instead. It will guide you through those early weeks and give you lots of useful tips as your new baby settles in at home.

Susie Corbishley – Maternity Nurse
A book that simply helps you understand your baby

This book helped me to understand how my baby was feeling, how to figure out what each cry was for so I could give her what she needed, and gave me some ideas for activities and much more.

Sophia F – Parent
Recommend to all new parents!

This book is a must have! I am recommending it to all of my pregnant friends because it is short, concise, sensible and practical. Other newborn books are more detailed, but this one is great to pick up for just a few minutes at a time.

CM – Amazon review
Clear and to the point, I couldn't recommend this book more!

Fiona and her book helped me to find a good schedule to follow in order to make sure my daughter was not overtired and also had enough to eat in the day so she did not wake hungry at night. Unlike many other books, hers is clear and to the point. Fiona's suggestions always do seem to do the trick, and I couldn't recommend her book more.

Annie D – Mother of two and singer-songwriter