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Maternity Nurse & Consultancy Testimonials

Simply the best!

Fiona was recommended to us, and based on her qualifications, we decided to have her come and do an in-person consultation where she stayed with us for a day. That night our son slept for 10 hours – which was truthfully miraculous. Fiona helped us get him on a great daytime nap-and-feed schedule. Of course, there was some crying involved, but not on his own. Shortly my days of walking outside in the freezing rain pushing him around for naps came to a halt, and I had predictable, reliable days with more or less predictable, reliable nights.

We approached Fiona again when our daughter was born. As an exclusively breastfeeding mother, I was starting to feel a bit overwhelmed with how to balance two. Fiona recommended that I reread her book that I had bought after meeting her last time. We also did a further one-week phone consultation to try to figure out the best way forward, since I am quite sensitive to my children's needs and having them be happy as well as having me be happy and have time for my other child.  

Fiona and her book helped me to find a good schedule to follow in order to make sure that my daughter was not overtired and also had enough to eat in the day to hopefully make her not feed very much at night. Unlike many of the other books, hers is clear and to-the-point. Fiona's suggestions always do seem to do the trick, and I couldn't recommend her or her book more.

Annie D
A great help!

Fiona is both great with mums – reassuring and building confidence and knowledge – but also brilliant with babies. She is genuinely passionate about looking after newborns and doing everything she can to ensure you as parents enjoy the experience. She has a calm, sensible approach drawing on her training as a midwife, her vast experience as a maternity nurse but also of being a mum herself. 

We really enjoyed having Fiona to stay. She was great company for me when my husband went back to work but also respected our time together as a family and a couple. Nothing was too much trouble and without asking she was a great help around the house.

We were very lucky to find Fiona and I would recommend her without hesitation. 

Sarah T
She's like a 'baby whisperer'

I have been lucky enough to have Fiona as a maternity nurse for my 3 children. She just understands babies inside out and knows exactly what to do at any time whilst always being calm and relaxed. She is extremely gentle with babies and listens to their needs whilst softly guiding them into a suitable routine for them. This results in very content babies who are very good sleepers too.

She’s like a baby whisperer, she somehow seems to always understand what a baby wants or needs. She focuses on getting a good day routine in place which in turn leads to a good night routine. My 3 babies all looked so happy and content when she was around … and are still amazing sleepers! And whilst many maternity nurses only focus on the baby or on a schedule that suits themselves, Fiona differentiates herself here by focusing just as much on the mummy. She makes sure that the mummy feels confident, relaxed, and happy, with a routine that suits the whole family. The result is content babies, happy mummies and happy daddies – what more could you ask for?

Delphine S
It was a must, we had her back without a doubt!

Fiona was such a great support in all areas with our newborn baby; she helped me crack the breastfeeding; gave us constant advise on parenting;  the babies routine; and all other areas of looking after the most precious thing to you. Fiona is very professional in all her duties and has a lovely relaxed way about her which rubs off on baby and parents. Fiona was discreet in our small living space and just there when you needed her, giving us our space with our newborn.  

We loved Fiona so much we had her back for our second baby, when again she was so amazing and really looked after our baby,  helped with our toddler and was a great support to me. When Fiona left I felt confident in our baby's routine and day-to-day care.  

I would highly recommend Fiona.

Helen T
A very precious time and that is why it’s so important to have someone like Fiona.

We could not recommend Fiona enough!

She is an extremely experienced maternity nurse who was able to effortlessly get our baby into a routine. There seems to be nothing about babies she doesn’t know! From the start we always had full confidence in Fiona and trusted her completely with our baby’s wellbeing. 

Fiona was also an absolute joy to have around. She fitted right into our busy household and did whatever she could to make life easier for us.

A maternity nurse is with you at a very precious time and that is why it’s so important to have someone like Fiona who is discreet, highly knowledgeable and a genuinely lovely person.

Asia T
Supportive and gentle

I have to say that I would not be breast feeding had I not had Fiona as a maternity nurse. From day one she was incredibly emotionally supportive to me as a new mother. With my son she was gentle, confident, and practical and it is obvious that she finds soothing babies instinctive and natural. The combination of skills looking after both mum and baby took the anxiety out of being a new motherhood for me.

Anu A
I was afraid to breast feed in public spaces.

I am a very private, almost prudish, person so with regards to breast feeding, although I wanted to do it, I made it clear I would only do it in private and on my own. I found with Fiona’s guidance I was much more relaxed about it than I thought I ever would be and now I feed in public (behind a scarf). This is due to Fiona not bossing me about or making me feel guilty but gently guiding me in the right direction.

Lizzie T
We were able to share this precious moment and also have quality time together as a couple.

My husband and I were abit apprehensive having someone live in with us especially at this delicate time, but Fiona slotted into our lives beautifully. Fiona also encouraged my husband and myself to go out by ourselves a few times during her stay – which was a real treat.

Nina S
Flexible and adaptable

Fiona has shown considerable care and attention to detail while looking after our baby and has been very flexible and adaptable in her approach to fitting in with our busy lives between our country home and london home.

Selina H