Fiona Cooke- Author What Would Fiona Do?
Fiona Cooke- Author What Would Fiona Do?
Fiona Cooke- Author What Would Fiona Do?Fiona Cooke- Author What Would Fiona Do?

What Would Fiona Do?

Having a new baby is very exciting, but it can be quite daunting. The early days are taken up with feeding and sleepless nights. This book aims to help guide you through those first few weeks; helping you to enjoy this time and find your way to a flexible routine that fits with your daily life, so you can carry on with some normality.

Why did I write this book?

When I first started working as a maternity nurse, the majority of new parents were purchasing parenting books to support them with the first year of parenthood. These books were often suggesting that all newborns follow very strict routines – particularly regarding feeding and sleeping – and a lot of families ended up focusing entirely on the elements of the text that their new little baby wasn’t following.

Once I'd finished working with new parents, they would often tell me that when their baby was changing or they were having difficulties they would ask themselves, 'What Would Fiona Do?'. It became clear to me that what these parents needed, and what was missing out there in the plethora of parenting books available, was an easy-to-follow, clear, and gentle book to help guide you through the early days. It's so important to remember that every single baby is different, and there is no prescriptive way to care for and raise a child. So, my inspiration was you, the parents! The parents who have read several baby books and have closed them feeling deflated and desperate as their little one doesn’t sleep through the night or feed every 4 hours.

What Would Fiona Do? was written to support all parents, and has a unique focus on day one of post-birth followed solely by the first few weeks of your newborn coming into the world. It clarifies what to expect in the early days when it comes to feeding (breast, bottle and combination feeding); nappy contents; bathing; changing; safe sleeping and swaddling; getting out and about; looking after yourself; and most importantly, helping your baby adjust to their new environment.

Filled with tips and easy-to-follow instructions, the book is the ultimate companion for your baby's early days.

A fully updated, revised and expanded version of What Would Fiona Do? is now available from Orphans Publishing. The new book features the same gentle, flexible, and reassuring guidance from Fiona with a fresh layout and gorgeous new photographic instructions.

Please visit A Helpful Guide to a Happy Baby for more information on where to purchase and why we chose to republish the book.

What the readers have to say

Fiona Cooke Tired Baby
Fiona Cooke Testimonials
The best book I got as a first time mother!
This Amazing book was by far the best book I got as a first time mother. The book is easy to read with amazing illustrations and clear instructions.Fiona guides you and helps you through difficult times... read more
Vartika Goenka - Parent
Fiona Cooke Baby Bond
Fiona Cooke Baby Whisperer
Fiona is a maternity nurse who truly understands newborns
A truly insightful top tips and sound advice guide for caring for your little ones in those early stages. Well written, a pleasure to read and easy to follow. I would recommend this book to any new mum looking for a ... read more
Miss Watson - Maternity Nurse
Fiona Cooke Testimonial
Fiona Cooke testimonial
Happy calm baby
Fiona’s promise is a calm and happy baby who plays well eats well and sleeps well. This is definitely a good motivation for getting her book in your hands and become well informed and confident.
Ivona K- Parent & Maternity Nurse