In this crisis I have set up a facebook group 'A Helpful Guide to a Happy Baby' so that parents are able to ask me any questions regarding this challenging time. Its a great way to seek advice, guidance and meet other parents.

Stay Safe, Fiona

Fiona Cooke

Experienced Maternity Nurse & Consultant

Author to A Helpful Guide To A Helpful Baby

Do you value your sleep and the sleep of your baby?

You can seek guidance and advice for you and your baby right here!

‍Fiona Cooke provides an invaluable service, which is available to all parents from the beginning of the postnatal period right up until their newborns turn one. With positive starts to parenthood and satisfying experiences with your baby being at the core of what Fiona has to offer, guidance and support is easily accessible from wherever in the world in person, over the telephone or online.

‍Whatever your query or requirements may be, from breastfeeding to sleep deprivation to nurse hire, Fiona Cooke can help every step of the way.

Practical wisdom from Fiona Cooke for babies 0-6 months

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Daytime and Sleep Routine Advice

I encourage parents to watch for the baby cues of tiredness, hunger, boredom etc. I guide you and your baby into a routine that helps promote a good night-time sleep.

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Breastfeeding Support

I am here to support you in breastfeeding, my advice and guidance in breastfeeding covers positioning and latching of the breast, describing how the breast work.
listening and learning how the baby feeds etc.

Fiona Cooke Baby Bond

Strengthening Baby/ Parent Bond

I am here to encourage communication between parents and baby with body language, eye contact and closeness. Listen to your baby and learn their coo's.

Fiona Cooke Knowledgable Maternity Nurse

Wealth of Information

20 years of working with postnatal women and babies, I offer support and guidance listening to you and your baby and advising tips and tricks.

Fiona Cooke Nanny

10 Hour Night Service

I will be there by your side during the nighttime hours, I am here to help you and overcome the challenges together. You are not alone in this.

Fiona Cooke Sleep Deprivation

Sleep Deprivation

I can help prevent sleep deprivation by helping you to structure your babies daytime routine, so that the baby sleeps well at night.

Listen to the parents

Fiona Cooke| Consultancy | Baby Routine | Maternity Nurse | Author
Fiona Cooke Testimonials
Simply the best!
Fiona and her book helped me to find a good schedule to follow in order to make sure that my daughter was both not overtired and also had enough to eat in the day to hopefully make her not feed very much at night. Unlike many of the other books, hers is clear and to-the-point. Fiona's suggestions always do seem to do the trick.... read more
Annie - Mother of two and singer-songwriter
Fiona Cooke | Consultancy | Maternity Nurse | Author | Testimonials
Fiona Cooke Baby Whisperer
She’s like a 'baby whisperer'
She’s like a baby whisperer, she somehow seems to always understand what a baby wants or needs. She focuses on getting a good day routine in place which in turn leads to a good night routine. My 3 babies all looked so happy and content when she was around … and are still amazing sleepers! And whilst many maternity nurses only focus on.... read more
Delphine S - Mother
Fiona Cooke | Consultancy | Maternity Nurse | Author | Parents | Happy Baby Happy Mum
Fiona Cooke testimonial
It was a must, we had her back without a doubt!
Fiona was such a great support in all areas with our new born baby, she helped me crack the breastfeeding, gave us constant advise on parenting, the babies routine and all other areas of looking after the most precious thing to you. Fiona is very professional in all her duties and has a lovely relaxed way about her which rubs off on baby and parents. read more
Helen T

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