A little bit about myself

Experienced Maternity Nurse & Consultant

I am Fiona Cooke.

I was born and raised in the Herefordshire countryside with three siblings at my side. Being the youngest of four and having a sister who had her first child while still living in the family home, I have had a tremendous amount to do with little ones from a very young age.

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Although my profession has involved a great deal of travelling to a range of fascinating cities and countries, I have continued to live and bring up my own children in my home village. I, myself, have two grown-up daughters, whom I had at the age of 22 and 24. Since having my first, I have learnt so much about being a parent and how much a mother’s life can change. However, I absolutely love being a mum and adore both of my girls very much. Being a mum really is the best job in the world.

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Due to having my children prior to pursuing my career, I initially had a part-time job at a veterinary ophthalmology clinic. Even though I thoroughly enjoyed this line of work, particularly caring for the animals, I decided that, after 8 years, I wanted to study.

After having completed an access to higher education course, entailing a range of subjects, I was able to apply for a midwifery degree. In 2002, I was over the moon to be accepted at Staffordshire University to study Midwifery. The long hours of hard work – balancing schooling and parenting – had finally paid off.

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For 3 years, I worked exceptionally hard with great determination to complete the course. However, during my time training to become a midwife and undertaking a range of roles, I realised that my passion was to look after and help mothers and their newborns. The time I spent on the postnatal wards was the most incredible of the years I’d trained. I’d never imagined how much a person could value your help and expertise of parenting. It left me feeling truly inspired.
 After having a year out of education, maternity nursing found me!

My dream job...
Since my first placement in 2006, I have never looked back. I have now worked with many families and helped them to adjust and enjoy their life with a new baby. To me, even after all these years I still see it as an amazing privilege to be working with families at such a magical time.

Fiona Cooke- Experienced Maternity Nurse & Author - Portrait Photo

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Listen to the parents

I take pride in delivering a calm and gentle approach when it comes to support and guidance for all new parents. Here are just a few words of kindness from the lovely Mums I have worked with.

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Supportive and gentle
I have to say that I would not be breast feeding had I not had Fiona as a maternity nurse. From day one she was incredibly emotionally supportive to me as a new mother. With my son she was gentle, confident, and practical and it is obvious that she finds soothing babies instinctive and natural. The combination of skills looking after both mum and baby took the anxiety out of being a new motherhood for me.

Anu A - Mother

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Afraid to breast feed in public spaces
I am a very private, almost prudish, person so with regards to breast feeding, although I wanted to do it, I made it clear I would only do it in private and on my own. I found with Fiona’s guidance I was much more relaxed about it than I thought I ever would be and now I feed in public (behind a scarf). This is due to Fiona gently guiding me in the right direction.

Lizzie T - Mother

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Precious moments and quality time
We were able to share this precious moment and also have quality time together as a couple. My husband and I were abit apprehensive having someone live in with us especially at this delicate time, but Fiona slotted into our lives beautifully. Fiona also encouraged my husband and myself to go out by ourselves a few times during her stay – which was a real treat.

Nina S - Mother

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