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Enhancing your baby's well-being and development

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Proud Member of IAIM

I am a proud member of the International Association of Infant Massage (IAIM) it was founded by Vimala McClure in the 1980's after travelling and seeing many cultures using Infant Massage as a natural daily expression of love.

This course draws on Indian and Swedish strokes which have been developed and refined  over many years.

This is so much more than massage, its the connection and bonding created through the natural nurting touch.

The benefits:

Infant massage have a huge range of benefits for you and your baby. Through the nurturing touch and quality time spent in a loving and calm environment. Loving touch is essential for healthy development of all babies.  

Here are the important benefits of Infant Massage:

  • Helps increase the hormone of love (oxytocin) for everyone involved.

  • Helps Improve Weight Gain

  • Helps Baby Sleep Better

  • Relaxation

  • Bonding

  • Improves Circulation

  • Helps Digestion

  • Helps reduce cries and fuss

  • Develops mental, social, and physical strengths

Fiona Cooke- Experienced Maternity Nurse & Author -Infant Massage

The Classes:

Welcome to Fiona's Infant Massage Classes.

Join me at StillMind, Moreton Eye near Leominster, for my nurturing classes designed for parents and babies.

Classes are set in a cozy and private environment, where we come together as a small community as we embark on the Infant Massage journey together.

Over the course of five weeks, you'll discover the gentle art of infant massage, learning essential strokes and techniques in a supportive and comfortable setting.

Join my small community of parents and babies and bond with your baby through the power of touch.

Fiona Cooke- Experienced Maternity Nurse & Author - Infant Massage Class

Experience the warmth and support of a nurturing community.

Join a small group in a calm, loving and supportive atmosphere, where weekly classes are drop in's are available.  Get in touch to book a class and start your infant massage journey today.

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Listen to the parents

I take pride in delivering a calm and gentle approach when it comes to support and guidance for all new parents. Here are just a few words of kindness from the lovely Mums I have worked with.

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Supportive and gentle
I have to say that I would not be breast feeding had I not had Fiona as a maternity nurse. From day one she was incredibly emotionally supportive to me as a new mother. With my son she was gentle, confident, and practical and it is obvious that she finds soothing babies instinctive and natural. The combination of skills looking after both mum and baby took the anxiety out of being a new motherhood for me.

Anu A - Mother

Fiona Cooke- Experienced Maternity Nurse & Author -Review Icon
Afraid to breast feed in public spaces
I am a very private, almost prudish, person so with regards to breast feeding, although I wanted to do it, I made it clear I would only do it in private and on my own. I found with Fiona’s guidance I was much more relaxed about it than I thought I ever would be and now I feed in public (behind a scarf). This is due to Fiona gently guiding me in the right direction.

Lizzie T - Mother

Fiona Cooke- Experienced Maternity Nurse & Author -Review Icon
Precious moments and quality time
We were able to share this precious moment and also have quality time together as a couple. My husband and I were abit apprehensive having someone live in with us especially at this delicate time, but Fiona slotted into our lives beautifully. Fiona also encouraged my husband and myself to go out by ourselves a few times during her stay – which was a real treat.

Nina S - Mother

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